Vik & Gene Perla - "In The Moment"
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"Gene is turning 80 as this record is going to print, and everything about him blooms and buzzes. I call him Young Man - in admiration, not irony. The energy and joy of life that he radiates is unique. He’s fast to create, strong to play, happy to learn, sometimes wacky and stubborn, but mostly fun and wise. We talk a lot, argue a bit, chat about how busy we are with all the other million things... And then, when music begins, it feels like rain on a summer day, surprisingly simple, refreshing and smooth. In his every bass line and arrangement, there’s a melody and a story. In his every beat, a solid, instinctive, raw groove. To me, this is where music lives." - Vik

"Vik is someone I can trust to know exactly where we are. The connections with her audiences make her performances sincere and meaningful. The breadth of her music encompasses an ever-expanding panorama. From the beginning, her poise confounded me that she wasn't a full-time professional. The light bulb lit one day in Vilnius when her father showed me videos of her performing as a child on Lithuanian TV... I was in touch with an unknown but polished artist! Away we went and now it's twelve years later. It's so rewarding that she sinks into the arrangements I have crafted for her. These songs are extensions of our live performances... spontaneous and fun!" - Gene

Vik - Vocals, Kazoo, Clay whistles
Gene Perla - Double-bass, arrangements

Sean Gough - Piano
David Jimenez - Drums

Edsel Gomez - Piano
Adam Nussbaum - Drums
Nicole Glover - Tenor Saxophone
Vaughn Stoffey - Guitar
Pablo Batista - Percussion

Nicholas Thomas - Vibraphone
Mourad Benhammou - Drums

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