Vik (Viktorija Gečytė) is a Lithuanian singer based in Paris, admired by fans and critics alike for her refined phrasing, conversational delivery and contagious swing.

Groomed by the New York area's jazz scene during her college years in the US, Vik is a worthy heir to the American jazz tradition with a profound respect for the rhythm. Her scatting is effortless, her poise enchanting. She also has a flair for folk instruments, such as clay whistles, kalimba or the kazoo.

One of her key musical partners over the years has been Gene Perla, veteran American bassist, formerly with Elvin Jones, Sonny Rollins, Nina Simone and Sarah Vaughan. Together, they have been touring and recording since 2008. Their latest record "In The Moment" (P.M. Records, 2020) is a tribute to their enthusiastic pre-pandemic collabroation with fellow musicians between New York and Paris.

In France, Vik leads several jazz and blues projects and performs regularly with big bands. The Frankfurt Radio Big Band had invited her to represent Lithuanian jazz for two consecutive years in Germany.

Vik is among the laureates of the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition 2019.

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Vik premiered on a musical stage at age five in her native Lithuania and was regularly featured on TV as a child. In her teens, she schooled herself in global jazz by hitchhiking to music festivals around the country and started building repertoire by singing with various live bands.

At nineteen, thanks to a scholarship from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, Vik moved to the US and delved into the New York area jazz scene, while earning her BA in Mathematics-Economics. After graduation, she settled down in Paris and started performing internationally.

Since 2008, Vik has been touring and recording with veteran American bassist Gene Perla. Their friendship and musical collaboration spans beyond their three albums, twelve tours and countless blueberry pancake breakfasts.

In 2013, Vik co-lead an ambitious big band project with French pianist Julien Coriatt and his Orchestra. She partnered as lyricist and composer in Julien's exploratory journey through jazz, classical and folk music, with songs in her native tongue. Their album "Blue Lake" was released in 2015.

The Frankfurt Radio Big Band featured Vik as soloist in two open-air concerts in Germany, in 2018 and 2019.

Elegant and swinging, Vik is often praised for her poise, great phrasing, impeccable timing and low velvet voice. "She's a class act" - says the Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival.

She was gifted her first kazoo at Burning Man in 2017. "This is the first time I've ever applauded a kazoo solo!" exclaimed Jeff "Tain" Watts after hearing Vik play it a few years later.

For Vik, singing is a musical conversation, a human endeavor, a never-ending journey.

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