About Viktorija Gečytė

The stage has long been Gečytė’s home away from home. She premiered in public at age 5 in her native Lithuania and was regularly featured on TV for many years.

Her fondness for jazz comes from her father, and her love of singing from her mother, an award-winning chef who comes from a long line of passionate traditional vocalists.

During high school, Gečytė schooled herself in global jazz, hitchhiking to music festivals around Lithuania. Later, with a scholarship from Lafayette College in the US, she took off to explore the origins of her favorite musicians. In 2008, she settled down in Paris.

For Gečytė, singing is nothing less, and nothing more, than musical conversation, a human endeavor, a never-ending journey.

An amazing singer, smart and sophisticated beyond her years, she bears comparison with the greats. She loves the classic American songbook, and sings it as though the 1950’s had never come and gone – she’s a class act.

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

Gečytė is a new voice to me, and she is among the most exciting vocalists who have come to my attention in recent years.

JOE LANG Jersey Jazz

Viktorija's smoky hues... come fully alive when she tackles folk songs from her native Lithuania.

SHAUN BRADY Philadelphia CityPaper

Viktorija Gecyte has a voice like a great big champagne-colored Brougham d’Elegance. New tires. Chrome wheels with no rust on the spokes. And what a moment when she’d stamp her gladiator sandal on the downbeat to start a blues.

MATTHEW CRAIN Easton is Home

There's also enormous fun and sweetness and vulnerability... It's always there in the music. Sometimes it makes us cry.


Good show doesn't really begin to cover it – it was awesome!
The response from our audience was unanimously positive and the reviews were glowing.

DONNA FRITCHEY Miller Symphony Hall

I'd like to play with her.


She's got pipes, pitch and phrasing for days...

CYNTHIA DANIELS Recording engineer/producer

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